Inge Selmer

Born 1954 in Glostrup near Copenhagen.


The joy of drawing and painting were there right from the time I was six years old and up through elementary school. For many years I was a bank clerk in which creativity lay dormant, and later I had my own clinic with physical massage and reflexology, where I simultaneously got time to paint a little.


As an artist, I am self-taught, I have no artistic training. I am naive painter and exhibits along with many other naive artists, both in Denmark and abroad.


When I paint, I disappear into my own little world. The joy of nature and animals, especially cats big and small, but also flowers and plants are an inexhaustible source of inspiration. It's the everyday things that count; Spring flowers coming up, a friendly nod from a neighbor or children playing. Working on the color is very important for me. My motifs are wide- ranging. From animals in flowery jungles, which is really longing for the lost paradise, nymphs, trolls and other mythical creatures that populate the fantasy land, and the more colloquial descriptions, which of course takes place in Denmark.


I choose to focus on optimism and joie de vivre - choose light over darkness.